An amazing story of one of my clients

A number of people use PT sessions, for educational purposes or to help them achieve their fitness/health goals. 

They often think of the goal as a number. This number could be either amount of weight lost, the amount of weight lifted, how quickly they run a 5k. Something along those lines.

Then there’s this amazing woman I have worked with for the past 18 months or so. 

Her goal……

I want to get strong enough so I can have a life changing operation so I can live longer. 

It kind of puts life, training etc. in prospective. 

These sessions required me to plan sessions like I have no other. She was too weak to lift 1kg dumbbells, she could not get to the gym, but we could stand and move (to a degree). 

Therefore, we got creative. 

We did simple things such as;

Standing and lifting one leg off ground and bringing her knee upwards, 

Sitting on the chair with a VERY light ankle weight strapped to her and extending her leg out in front. 

Holding the ankle weight in her hand and lifting her arm out in front and to the side. 

Walking up and down the lounge. 

In between sessions she used to use baked bean cans as weights and carried on doing what we did in the sessions. All in the pursuit of getting the operation. 

Once she progressed on from this point, we started to introduce resistance bands and sitting to standing type exercises. Along with these we also progressed a couple of exercises, such as walking up and down we got her to hold onto the ankle weights. 

She still continued to use the trusted baked bean cans in between sessions. 

After 12 months of training, I eventually got a text while I was shopping in Morrisons which said she had to cancel her session the next day because she had been called into hospital to have the operation! I have never been so happy for a client to cancel a session!!

Post op, we moved our focus onto strengthening her back, getting her to stand up straighter and get her back driving!!

We brought back simple bodyweight movements for training her back and relieving any tension across her upper back such as T flys. As soon as these became too easy for her we added resistance bands and got her standing to do certain movements. 

I’m pleased to say that this has worked and she went for her first drive the other day. She is already eyeing up a mini!

So during this lockdown, don’t moan that the gym is not open or that you only have a few dumbbells. 

If my client can get fit enough for a life changing operation and do this while only using 0.5kg weights, resistance bands, baked bean cans, bodyweight exercises then i’m sure you can smash it with a TRX and a couple of dumbbells.

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