This is what happens when you trust the plan and the process!!

She has done amazingly well and should be so proud.

The goal was to lose as much weight as possible in 5 months in preparations for her wedding!! Safe to say we have succeeded!!

We followed a structured progressive gym plan. Focusing on building strength and some muscle first for the first two phases of the plan which lasted 16 weeks in total. Once this was completed and the wedding date edged closer we went onto a higher intensity program which she has smashed!!!

Whilst following this plan she stuck at her diet and slowly but surely reduced her calorie intake. She did not cut out any food group! Focused on reducing her portion sizes and swapping certain foods for others. Such as swapping her high-calorie snacks for lower calorie options. Such as swapping crisps for a piece is fruit or swapping desert options for low-calorie jellys!

”I was really apprehensive about exercise following complicated spinal surgery but Ed put me at ease straight away. He is very knowledgeable and has created individual programmes to build my strength and increase my activity levels. In addition, he gives me diet and nutritional advice which is helping me on my journey. I genuinely look forward to seeing him and have actually started to enjoy exercising.”

Tempo Fitness