When you start your fitness journey it can seem very scary and feel a bit like a minefield, there is so much information out there with how to start up and where to go for it. You feel like you should have certain items, such as a protein shaker and the latest nike free runs etc.


Well I’m here to give a basic rundown of what you will need to have and use when you start off on your journey!


What clothing should you wear to the gym?


Nice and easy one right? Well some may say so and others won’t. The gym can seem a bit like a fashion brigade for some people. But as long as you have the correct clothing you will be fine, such as;

  1. Sports shorts, trackies or leggings. You want something you can move freely in and something which will be comfortable to perform something like running or squats.
  2. Breathable tops. You could wear standard cotton tops to the gym but they could be a tad heavier or smelly with you sweating a bit in them. The best thing would be a similar type of material to the ones that football tops are made out of it.
  3. Correct footwear. Now this depends how you are going to train, if you are going to run lots then you want a good pair of running shoes such as a pair of Asics gels or Adidas boosts. If you are going to be doing weight training then a pair of Nike metcons would be best. If you are going to be doing both then a pair of Reebok nanos or Nike free runs would be great for it.
  4. Drinks bottle. You will want a bottle for the gym mainly just for ease. This can be a shaker or a general bottle.
  5. Supplements. All about diet first. Sort this out then address the need for supplements.
  6. Training plan. You will definitely want one of these if you are new to the gym. Contact one of the local trainers to write you one up. However ask them how they will structure it, how they will make sure it is tailored to you, will it include different days, will it just be for one session or multiple sessions. Make sure that they aren’t just stringing you along.
  7. Get a few personal trainer sessions first. Ask one of you local trainers if they will take you through a few sessions on how to use the kit and how to perform basic body weight/compound  movements such as squats, press ups, bench press, deadlifts. You do not want to be doing these exercises wrong or you could hurt yourself and not get much out of your sessions. It’s worth the cost and could even be free!
  8. Give it time. Don’t rush into this, give it time to work and your body time to adapt. You want it to be a lifestyle change not a quick crash course diet.
  9. Set yourself up to be a winner! This comes from setting realistic goals and challenges, such as a lose 2 stone within 6-8 months. Yes it seems like a long time but it’s achievable and realistic, it also means that it’s becoming part of your life. Another one would be I’m going to the gym 6 times this week? Really that’s a tall order and one which is very hard to achieve. Set yourself up to win such 3 times and if you hit that you’re winning and if you’re going over that then you’re a champion!
  10. Nutrition. Make sure you’re eating whole natural foods, mineral processed and sugary foods. Best of keeping it simple such as meat and veg etc. Track your food for about 2 weeks on myfitnesspal to give yourself a good understanding of where you’re at currently then you will be winning!.


If you roughly follow these helpful tips when you start then you will be absolutely grand. Remember keep it simple, ask for advice when needed and you will be onto a winner!

Tempo Fitness