Biggest Lies in Fitness

The health and fitness industry is basically full of…….. a lot of CRAP. Not all of this is wrong but there is a lot of misleading information out there and a lot of people that just want to make money from you. But there is also a fair few people who are ‘big’ on social media out there that do just want to help, I will make a list of the people who I believe put a lot of good information out there which is useful.

But first of all, here is a list of things which I feel are some of the biggest lies and the biggest load of BS out there.

What foods should I eat to lose fat.



Now this is probably one of the biggest ones out there which people want to know.

What foods can I eat which will make me lose weight…… NONE. Yes there are foods which are bad for us and some which are great for us. But the biggest factor in weight loss is being in a calorie deficit. You want to be in place with your calories which means you’re effectively slightly under eating by about 10% then you will start to lose weight and lose fat. Along with this you want to be training effectively which will aid your diet and aid you being in a calorie deficit.

Should I take whey protein



Common question right? Enter a gym and you feel that you should be having a protein shake. Now I do take a protein shake after a workout but the main reason for this is that in my diet and with how active I am I need to eat around 250 grams of protein. This is due to how much I train and my training goals. I personally would struggle to eat this much protein.

So to conclude, eat real protein first either meat or plant based. If you struggle to eat this then use a protein shake to aid it.


Remember it is a supplement first not real food!

Should I use supplements



This one is very much linked to above, it is a supplement that aids your diet. If you feel that you are missing out on certain nutrients such as Vitamin C then use a Vitamin C supplement.

To conclude, real food first then supplements!


Detox teas


Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition!

Eat properly, eat real foods, eat your vegetables. Avoid processed foods, effectively avoid CRAP and then your liver and kidneys will do the detox for you.

Have to look a certain way



This one is my biggest bug bear and I feel the media and social media has caused this problem within the real world. Notice that I use the term real world, social media is a highlight reel of someone’s life. It is a shape shot of that tiny moment in someone’s life and more times than not that picture has probably been edited and adjusted so that it looks a certain way.

I could go on about this subject for ages but I want to keep this short.

You do not have to be ripped, massive or anything like that. You just have to be happy and accept that a lot of images are edited, if certain pictures make you unhappy and upset then delete them from your life.


More is better



More is not always better.

This applies to such things as more protein, once you have hit your target the rest is just pointless and will be wasted within the body, and it can make you smell. Which definitely is’t good!

But this can be applied to any macronutrient (carbs, protein and fats) if you have hit your target then over consuming on it will be wasted on the body.

Training, ever heard the term over training? This can then cause injury and have a negative effect on your training. No point smashing one day and being broken for a week. Your training won’t improve by doing this!

Listen to your body and you will be fine with this one.

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