On social media, a lot of trainers/people etc are sharing home workouts, circuits etc.

Don’t get me wrong it is great that they are sharing these workouts! And it is so important to stay active at the moment.

But there is a slight problem with these workouts, is it looks like the exercises are randomly thrown together and there appears to be no real thought process.

It’s only something you would notice if you read into program design.

A thought process which I go through is movement patterns.

If it’s a circuit it follows as let’s say it is 6 number of exercises;

Push; Chest Press, Press Ups etc
Pull; Bent Over Row, TRX Low Row etc
Hip Hinge; RDLs, Kettlebell swings etc
Lower; Squat, Lunges etc
Core; Hollow Holds, Scissors etc
Conditioning (Heart Rate raiser); Fast Step Ups, Burpees etc

Following that sort of simple process, I know I have covered every movement and covered the majority of the areas of the body.

So next time you do a circuit try and follow this process or something similar. Just make sure you are covering the majority of the movements

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