As you can see there is a Picture of Homer Simpson Laying on a weights bench with about 30kg plus smacking his head.

Don’t be that person.

If you have never stepped foot in a gym or you have but you are not confident then sign up for sessions with myself so you can get guidance/coaching and not brain damage.

5 Benefits/ Reasons to have a Personal Trainer:

1. Education. I educate you on how to best reach your goal, with advice on nutrition, training. You will be taught how to properly move and perform the movements.
2. Motivation. Providing you with consistent support on your journey to reach your goal and not allowing you to give up.
3. Injury Prevention. Making sure you’re performing the movements correctly and in a safe environment.
4. Goal Setting. Helping to set a clear goal and helping you truly understand why you want it to achieve it.
5. Time efficient. Not wasting anyone’s time and allowing you to get an effective workout in.

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