Earn the right to wide….

This is a statement which is thrown around a lot in rugby. You have to earn the right to attack out wide.

It basically means that when you have possession the ball and in an attack, you have to create a situation where the attack is on out wide. You have to orchestrate the attack; the aim is to suck as many defenders in, meaning that their defensive line is narrow which in turn creates an attacking opportunity out wide.

Therefore by sucking the defenders in and making their defence line narrow, we have now earnt the right to attack wide.

Why am I saying this?

Because the saying relates to training, you have to earn the right to progress through the exercises, weights, training method etc.

You can’t jump right into a barbell back squat if you can’t even do a regular bodyweight squat.

Sounds simple but you’d be amazed out how many people do a heavy back squat when they can’t even do a proper bodyweight squat.

Throughout your whole training journey, you should be building on strong foundations to earn the right.

That right doesn’t even have to be lifting more weights. It could be as simple as progressing from a standard split squat into a front foot elevated split squat. To do that front foot elevated split squat you have to of earnt the right to and built a strong foundation of exercises.
This could have been in the form of starting with a forward lunge, then progressing onto a reverse lunge, then onto a split squat then onto a front foot elevated split squat. You have progressed through the levels and earnt that right.

Don’t be the numpty that goes wide on the first play of the game. Earn the right to go wide.
AKA earn the right to progress.

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