Bodyweight exercises to easy for your home workouts?

Then try these little methods to make it harder.

Holds/pauses: This would be great for something such as squats which you find too easy at bodyweight. At the bottom of the rep hold it for around 3-5 seconds. It will make it a lot harder. It could work for press-ups, lunges, split squats etc.
Tempo. This is where you perform the exercise to a tempo. Such as performing squats to 3,1,3,1. So it would be 3 seconds down, pause for 1 second and then up for 3 seconds then hold for 1 second and repeat for the desired number of reps.
Supersets. This is where two exercises are performed back to back with no rest between exercises. For example, this could a bicep curl quickly followed by a tricep extension/dip.
Tri-Sets. Same as the supersets but this time it is three exercises performed back to back with no rest between them.
AMRAP. As many rounds as possible. This is where you put 3 + exercises back to back, and you perform as many rounds of the circuit as you can in a set time period (10,15,20 minutes etc.).
Giant Sets. Five or more sets of one exercise. So this could be five sets of 10 reps for squats.
German Volume Training. Ten sets of 10 reps… yep, that’s right. It’s disgusting.
Single limb instead of double-limb. For example, if bodyweight lunges are too easy then swap them for split squats, so it becomes more of a unilateral (single-limb) exercise, this could be the same for squats, hip thrust etc.

Try one of the above to make bodyweight exercises harder and let me know how you get on!

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