We have all heard that eating after 6pm will cause weight gain. Or eating late at night will cause your body to store it as fat. 


Safe to say that this is rubbish!


You will lose weight if you avoid eating after 6pm and late at night. But this is not because your body doesn’t have a chance to store it as fat. 


It is because you would have created a calorie deficit. 


Calorie deficits are key if you want to lose weight. 


So if you have made sure you are in a calorie deficit all day and you have calories left over for the evening and you have got home at 7pm and you’re hungry then you can have some food and won’t need to worry about gaining weight as you will still be in a calorie deficit!


Make sense?


Follow this simple rule. Eat less, Move more. If you have made sure you have done that then you will lose weight. 


It does not matter how late you eat, as long as you have made sure you are in a calorie deficit then you will succeed!


Hope this makes sense, if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact me!!

Tempo Fitness