It is something we have almost been told when we are young to almost avoid. 

We have been told that failure is bad, it’s a negative, it means we are no good. 

But failure is important. It is a way we can learn, adapt, and progress forward. 

Failure is a good thing. 

There is a scene in Batman begins (Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy), it is at the beginning of the film I think. It is a flashback scene where Bruce falls down the well, and his dad abseils down to get him, after rescuing Bruce his dad says to him, “why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up”.

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The quote is saying that falling is good. And failure is a form of falling, we have tripped up. Therefore, it is an opportunity to learn and move on. 

There is an age of saying in sport, that you learn more from a loss than you do from a win. 

This is so true, having played competitive sport at a high level for several years (Warwickshire, England College trials and Uni 1st 15), I can vouch for this. We always learned from a loss. We looked at our tactics, how we approached the game, what areas we need to work on, our defensive weak on the blindside, and a lack of killer instinct. We looked for areas of improvement. 

So if you fall, fail with your training, diet, or even in life. Allow yourself to feel sad for an hour or so, then see it as a positive. What went wrong? Why did you fall/fail? What can you change for you to be successful next time around. 

Use any form of failure as a positive and look for ways to learn and move on and take a positive step forward in order to reach your goals.

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