Training at Home

So we are back in full swing of training at home again!

Home training can become very easy quickly for some as they don’t have a lot of kit. But here are some ideas to make it a bit harder for you.

Tempo – The speed at which you can perform the movement.

Is the rhythm at which you move a weight, including the rest time at the top of the lift and the return to the starting position

The number at the beginning refers to part 1 of the exercise and so on.

For example, a 3,1,3,1 tempo for a squat would be; 3 seconds down, pause for 1, 3 seconds on the way up, pause for 1. And repeat.

Isometrics – Holds. 

These neuromuscular contractions are movements where you hold a static position for a period of time while maintaining tension within the muscles. Common examples of an isometric exercise are plank variations, and wall sits. 

Isometrics are valuable because they are near-maximal contractions, not because they provide anything unique besides constant or high tension. 

Pause reps – Pause at the boom of the movement for several seconds. 

As the name suggests, you pause at a specific part of the movement, typically at the bottom of the rep. For however long you want it to be; typically, it is in the region 3-5 seconds. 

Supersets – Two exercises back to back.

A superset is where you perform two exercises back to back. It can be used to make a specific exercise harder by fatiguing the muscles beforehand. Or you can use it to train opposing muscle groups (biceps and triceps).

Circuits – Multiple exercises back to back.

A circuit is typically 4-5 or more exercises; it allows for a cardio type workout and allows you to create a strong stimulus to create development.

Tri-sets – three exercises back to back.

Is where you have three exercises performed back to back. It offers unique a lot of time under tension—similar benefits as a superset.

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