Today’s email is going to be a lot less structured than normal. As I’m currently sat on a train going towards Marylebone Station as I’m going to a Personal Trainer Workshop and Seminar (thankfully I can spell that word better than I can pronounce it!).


I have listened to a podcast and now listening to an old album by Eminem (My mother definitely won’t be happy with this choice!). Promise there is a trail of thought to this waffle….  


The point is, it’s made me realise how many of us waste time on these sorts of journeys. I look around the chap next to me is just watching a film (looks pretty good tbh), another couple are sleeping, one is scrolling through Instagram.


We waste so much of our time on these journeys and don’t use our time productivity to achieve anything. I have spent the first hour learning and developing my knowledge with a podcast (Ben Coomber). Now I’m listening to Eminem and writing this email. The reason I have stated what I’m listening to is it reminds of his film called 8 Mile, there is a scene early on with Eminem on a bus writing a song. He is using dead time and turned it into something productive and used it wisely.


I’m going to finish with this. If you ever have dead time, don’t waste it. You haven’t got to do something, but I would use it wisely. Read, listen, meditate, be mindful, plan your day or evening.


Use the time to level up. Don’t sit there and waste it, be better.

Tempo Fitness