We all have those weekends where we overindulge and eat/ drink so much food that we think I will go on a diet come Monday!

And this diet always involves cutting out a food group. We all go I’m going to cut out carbs, or I will skip breakfast etc.


Now this is not the best solution at all. It’s a solution. However this will generally lead to another binge in the short term. When I say it’s a bad solution, it’s only a bad solution if you jump on fad diet. I.e low carb.


The way I would approach this is by following these simple steps.



  • Accept that I have eaten like a pig.


It’s the past now, I now need to move forward. What tends to happen is that we start to wollo in self pity and don’t do anything about it. Accept it has happened and move on.


  • Create a plan of action.


Look at your forthcoming week and work out how you can work in an extra gym session and what days you can eat a little bit less (A Calorie Sink).


  • Put a Calorie Sink together.


This sounds more complicated than it actually is.

Now you have planned your week and worked out where you can eat less, you can start to create your calorie sink. This is where you plan to undereat by 200-500 calories per day roughly speaking. Do this over 3-4 days and you have saved/clawed back almost a days worth of eating.


  • Workouts.


A workout the day after or 1-2 days after a binge will massively help. In more ways than one. It will not only burn calories which will help, but it will have a positive mental benefit for you. It will make you feel that little bit better about the overindulgence!


Now you have a plan for when you overindulge, It’s time to look at when you know you have  a big event coming up and how you can create a plan so you don’t get that guilty feeling.


It will work on the same principle as the calorie sink. Instead of doing this the days after the binge you do it prior to the binge. Now depending on your required calorie intake and how much your planning to overeat on will depend how you create the sink.


  • You could reduce your calories down 200-500 on the days running up to the event.
  • You can increase your exercise levels right up, this is gym work and your daily activity levels.
  • Save all your calories up throughout the day and let rip on one meal.


Overindulgence will happen from time to to time, but it is nothing to stress over. The main parts to this is to accept what you have done and create a plan on how you can overcome this and move forward.

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