I have heard this so many times, I want to ‘tone’ up.


Unfortunately, muscle tone is not a real thing. There is no rep scheme, type of training which will lead and give you a great amount of ‘tone’.


Yes, muscle tone is a legit goal and its one that a lot of people want. But in order to achieve this goal you have to understand what ‘muscle tone’ is and how you can get it.


To get this ‘toned’ look you’re after you need to lift weights and be in a calorie deficit.


You can not get it from jumping around a studio or from sitting on a spin bike. Yes, that will help with the calorie deficit and burn fat but it will just create a skinny fat look.

The one that no one wants!


The reason you need to do these two things (Lift weights and Calorie deficit) is because;


Lift weights: To have a toned look, you need muscle. In order to develop muscle, you need to stimulate growth and development. To do this you need to lift weights!


Calorie Deficit: Generally speaking if you can not see the muscular toned look you want, it is because the muscle is covered in a layer of fat. Therefore to lose the fat and reveal the muscle you need to be in a calorie deficit!

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