I was reading this book called just eat it. Not the best book tbh, I don’t think I would recommend it. But that’s another post and story. 

But it threw up this amazing quote which I think is brilliant. 

It is:

If you get struck by an arrow, do you then shoot another arrow into yourself?

Just think about that for a few seconds and let it sink in. 

Reflect on what you think it means.

It is a Buddhist parable. 

It means if you get shot by an arrow (actual pain), do you need to make that pain worse by shooting another arrow into yourself?

Deep right?

Think some more on it. 

It says that pain, suffering, misfortune is inevitable. It’s going to happen, that’s life. 

Let’s relate it.  You have had a shit day, you broke your laptop, phone whatever. 

Your pissed off, you’re angry. That’s the first arrow, its landed and been shot into you. 

The second arrow is how you react and deal with it. 

Do you beat yourself up, do you make the situation worse? 

Do you lash out?

That is the second arrow. Do you shoot yourself again? 

Do you make the situation worse for yourself?

You can relate this to your diet and training situation at the moment.

First Arrow: You have had a bad day, so you turn to food or missed the gym for some external reason. 

This is outside of your control to some extent. But rather than reflect and move on and aim to put it right for the next day. 

Second Arrow: You shoot yourself again and think to yourself fuck it, the damage is done and then destroy your diet some more and eat yourself into a terrible week and done get back on the wagon for a few days/weeks. Effectively beat yourself up.

Do you see how the second arrow (your reaction) is well and truly in your control?

Don’t choose to shoot yourself again. 

Choose to snap that arrow in half.

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