You hear it so much I struggle to get off to sleep. It can sometimes be due to heat, but for a vast majority of people, this is a daily occurrence. 


It is typically due to – too much on their mind. Their mind is running away with lots of different thoughts. Or it can be down to blue light. 


Blue light does not mean the light is blue. 


Blue light references artificial light; such as technology. 


By having large exposure to artificial light, it disrupts the body’s Circadian Rhythm. 


Circadian Rhythm is the body’s natural body clock. It works in harmony with the sun when the sun is up the body naturally wants to be awake. 


When the sun starts to set, the body begins to release a hormone called melatonin. This is the sleep hormone. It causes the body to become tired and want to sleep. 


When the sun rises, the body starts to release a hormone called serotonin. This is the waking up hormone. It makes you want to wake up. 


Therefore if you are exposed to a large amount of blue light, you will struggle to get off to sleep and cause disruptions to your sleep pattern and lead to poor sleep quality. 


Couple this with a racing mind, and it leads to disastrous sleep quality. 


You need to quieten your mind. A simple, really effective way to do this is to start reading before you go to bed. 


This will calm the mind down and almost put yourself in a state of meditation. You will find after a few pages you will be out like a light and get high sleep quality. 


Another method you can do is a mind dump. Grab a pen and paper and proceed to write out every single thought you have; it will lead you to feel like you have had a weight lifted from your shoulders. I know people who have done this, and it has led to great effects! 


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