A liquid calorie, as I’m sure you can guess is a calorie which you drink. These can come in the form of either soft drinks, smoothies, hot drinks etc.


These types of drinks are fine in moderation (moderation is key), but the issue with these types of drinks is that the calorie content of them adds up very quickly without you realizing it. And sometimes thinking that the drink your drinking is good for you (Shop bought Smoothies).


The key with liquid calories is to think carefully about your choices and what you’re about to drink.

Try to think about these three questions:

  1. How much have I consumed today (food and drink)?
  2. Will I regret this drink in the long term?
  3. Is this health drink really healthy?


And the key question. Do I Really Want It?


This is how quickly these types of calories can add up.


Costa Creamy Latte. 202 Calories

Americano. 8 Calories

Star Bucks Grande Cappuccino. 120 Calories

Can of Pepsi. 150 Calories

A pint of Guinness. 210 Calories

A pint of Carling. 187 Calories.

Innocent Energise Super Smoothie.  149 Calories (per 250ml)


As you can see, it can quickly add up. Especially if you have two Lattes within a day you can almost drink a meal and not add any real benefit from it.


And the issue with a shop bought smoothie is that it can be very high in sugar!


Remember moderation is key and think do you really want it




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