I’m getting a few messages at the moment about training at home and what can I use as gym kit etc.

You don’t need that much and frankly, you don’t actually need any kit. If you were going to do your training at home for ‘ever’ then yeah, of course, get some kit.

But here are some ideas/objects to use during this lockdown for your workouts

Baked bean cans…. You can use them as something to do rotation leg raises over. Or walking press-ups over/around.
A towel…. If you have a slippery floor in your house. You can use the towel to mountain climbers, pikes, reverse lunges etc on.
A chair…. You can use it for box squats, dips, incline/decline press-ups and hip thrusts.
Bottles of water….. You can use them as a dumbbell, just do more reps or do them slower if it is too light.
Use the stairs… The first step could be used for fast step-ups, front elevated lunges, walking planks etc.
Use the stairs …. they could act as the stepper you use at the gym.
The kids skipping rope…. If you have children and they have a skipping rope then use that as a form of cardio.
Use books… This can be used as a weight, or to create an elevated platform for press-ups, split squats etc.

As you can see there are loads of items around the house you could use as a form of resistance or using in a way which can help with your training.

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