In today’s world, we all feel rushed off our feet. Time has become a premium and something which we feel that we don’t have a lot of. If we do have some spare time we don’t want to give it up.


Now, this is not an email about time! It will briefly be about how to maximize your time in the gym and how to get the best out of it.


I have seen it hundreds of times from my time working in gyms and been around gyms. People waste there time! And this is where the above statement comes into play, if you feel like you have no time then the last thing you want to be doing is wasting your time doing 20 minutes walking on the treadmill, then doing some curls, and some crunches on that silly ab crunch device.


This is a complete waste of a session in my opinion. If you enjoy doing that then crack on! But it’s not the wisest use of your time.


If your main goal is weight loss, you need to be hitting big compound movements. Such as Squats, Bench Press, Deadlift Etc. By hitting these types of movements you will burn far more calories and make better progress compared to doing some bicep curls and a few crunches.


Now I’m not saying stop doing cardio and just hit weight training.


As it has been shown that a good balance of cardio and resistance training can be beneficial to weight loss and muscle growth.

Not only this, doing one type of training can be really boring!


Variety is the spice of life after all!!!


So my advice would be to mix up your training do a good balance of cardio and weights.

But make sure you are hitting your big compound movements each and every session. Along with this make sure you are aiming to do a little bit more each session, even if it is just two extra reps!

It all helps to progress your training and gets you a step closer to your goals.

Not only this, make it enjoyable as you will always want to do it if you enjoy it.

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