How to monitor progress, and the benefits of it.


Seeing progress is the biggest motivator you could possibly have within your training. If you don’t see progress then how will stay motivated?


Well, there are different ways to see progress, it’s not all about the scales or what you see in the mirror. Your mind can often play tricks on you with how think you look in the mirror. This is know as body dysmorphia. You don’t see yourself how you actually look, your mind effectively lies to you.

You cannot avoid looking at yourself, it’s not healthy to do that and it’s practically impossible. The easiest way to get round this is by taking progress photos, you can space these out however you like. But I would recommend taking them a week apart. You won’t necessarily see results that quickly, but it gives a good story and a good chance to reflect on how far you have come in your training.

Along with this it worth keeping a log of your training, this allows you to use progressive overload (this is where you slightly increase the intensity/ weight/ sets/ reps every week or couple of weeks). This means that your training will progress which in turns means that your body will improve as well.

With the great physical benefits of keeping a log of your training, it gives you a chance to monitor your progress as well. You can look back in a few months time and see that you have progress from just lifting the bar to lifting 40-50Kg on your bench press.  


So in conclusion the benefits of monitoring your progress is that it:

  • You can see how far you have come
  • Keeps motivation high
  • Keeps your confidence high
  • Slightly takes away any body dysmorphia you have
  • Allows you to effectively use progressive overload
  • Makes you track your training


Best ways to monitor your training:

  • Progress photos
  • Training Log
  • Weight Log
  • Weekly check ins for weight, training etc
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