I’m sure we have all said this statement or a form of this sentence at some point in our lives.

“I have lost all motivation.”

“I’m just not motivated.’ 


I was reading something the other day, and it made me think about it. 


It said have you lost motivation for succeeding in your goal, or have you allowed something to trigger you to become demotivated?


Now they sound similar, but are they? 


If your goal is to run a marathon to raise money for a charity that is close to your heart because it has had a profound effect on your charity. 


Then you will be incredibly motivated to succeed at running the marathon. Yes?


But you find the training program boring and do not enjoy it. Which, in turn, de-motivates you.


Is it a motivation problem or is a de-motivation problem? 


You have created a program, a process which causes you to become demotivated. Whereas, if you created a program, a process which you enjoyed, you would stay motivated and on track to reach your goal. 


It is the same for weight loss if you want to lose weight you are motivated. But if you suddenly cut everything and only eat plain chicken and veg, you will quickly become demotivated and stop doing it. 

Then you will suddenly say I have lost motivation and start reading motivational quotes. 


Whereas the problem is a demotivation one, you created the wrong program, the wrong process, which created barriers and speed bumps in your journey. 


Create a program, a process which allows you to succeed and one which does not cause you to become demotivated.

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