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Online Training with Tempo Fitness

For some people they need someone there to guide them through a workout. For some they can smash out a workout all by themselves but need a structured plan in order for them to achieve their goals.

If you’re part of the first statement then contact today for 1-1 bespoke personal training! If you’re the latter statement then read further on to see how online personal training can help you and then contact today to get started!

How does it work

Online Personal Training is a great way to achieve your goals. It’s a more flexible approach, in the sense that you can use your own gym, you have no appointments to honour and consider. But you can get similar results if you are dedicated to the approach and trust the plan.

First of all a chat is required so we can both understand each other. It gives me a chance to ask some questions about yourself and find out a bit about what you have done previously and see what it is you are after achieving. It also provides an opportunity for you to ask questions of me and see how I can help you.


The programs are provided to you via google sheets (at the moment), this allows for you to edit it online and for me to see how you are getting on. From this I can monitor your progress to see if you are staying on track and change whatever is not working or adapt what is working!

All the programs are bespoke for you and your goals. They are tailored to your needs and to what you have available to you. Don’t have a gym membership? No problem, they can be designed so you can use whatever you have available even if it is just your own body weight! Have a home gym? Great, they can be designed for what you have in your gym. All I need you to do is take a video, pictures of what you have access to.


Nutrition is so important on your journey. That is why I will/can set you a calorie target to reach and hit each day. Education on certain parts of nutrition can and will be provided where possible. No meal plans will be sent out. You learn F all from this and it is not sustainable. You need to develop habits and a style of eating which you enjoy and can maintain forever. Therefore calorie targets will be set and delivered. This will be monitored through myfitnesspal. Through this I can see how you are getting on through the friends function.

Check In

Accountability is why people have a coach.

I will be checking in on you every couple of days to make sure you are on track. Through these messages I will provide support, suggestions and adapt the program and nutrition strategy accordingly.

It’s not a military operation, we all have social events etc. Therefore the program will be adapted, if you have a party to go to at the weekend, then we will drop your calories a couple days before and then increase them on the day of the party. This is why you have reduced the impact of the party. You will walk away from it in a better position.



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