Clients often ask me: What foods make them gain weight.


Just by eating one chocolate bar does not mean that you will gain a large amount of weight just from that one bar. The same goes for any foods, right from one chocolate bar to one carrot.  


The issue is when that one chocolate bar turns into 3, 4 or 5 bars. Portion control, and total daily calories are the issue. Overconsumption is the issue. Not the one bar of chocolate.


Having said this, there are better choices when it comes to food. If you have 50 kcals worth of chocolate compared to 50 kcals worth of carrots. The carrots are going to be better for you. This is because carrots have more nutrients, such as vitamin C compared to chocolate, and you will be able to eat slightly more. Bonus!

Chocolate roughly has 535 calories per 100g compared to carrots which has 41 calories per 100g.

By be able to eat more food, you will be able to curb hunger and still lose weight by making smarter healthier choices.


But going back to the original point. Which foods will make you gain weight? None will!


The conclusion is: No one food group will make you gain weight. Overconsumption of foods will.


If you eat more than you require you will store this excess as fat within the body.


Calorie deficit is key when trying to lose weight. As long as you eat slightly less than your body needs, you will lose weight.


Moral of the story for weight loss is: Eat less, Move more.

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