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Working closely with you at Health Works Fitness Studio, or at your home in Warwickshire towards achieving your fitness goals. Each personal training session is your own time, there will be no distractions. In that period of time that you have me, you can guarantee that all the attention is on your needs and wants. Explaining why we do it this way, advising what to eat and why. It’s all geared to what you want to achieve out of it. As the name suggests we are your personal trainer.

I definitely don’t fit the mould of a generic Personal Trainer which you would find down your local gym in Stratford-upon-Avon. I won’t be wearing some skin tight top in our training sessions, I won’t be doing cheeky reps when you’re not looking. If I’m ever caught doing that then please fire me!


What I will be doing is providing never ending support, tailored and bespoke personal training session plans, clear and concise advice about training and nutrition, and of course pushing you the right amount to get the most out of our sessions and reach your goal.

A number of different Packages are available.

Group sessions are available,
please contact me to talk about this.

Can be carried out at your home
or at Health Works Fitness Studio

Information on nutrition and
diet is also available.

Get in touch with Tempo Fitness today for a free consultation to create the best personal training structure in Stratford-upon-Avon or across Warwickshire for you.


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