Pitch based conditioning.

Sounds complicated and scary but it’s not that bad!

It’s basically where you do fitness in a field with little to no equipment.

It’s something I have become more and more interested in during my master’s degree and running fitness sessions for my rugby club.

They are great and so easy to carry out.

All you need is some cones, will power, space and you don’t even need that much time.

The purpose of the drills is to increase your heart rate by a lot which in the long term will increase your fitness levels.

They are typically done in pre-season for sports teams. Still, they can be incorporated into general fitness sessions as they can be done alongside a regular training program or even done instead of activities like running.

If you want to do cardio but don’t want to run for long periods, this is a great way to do it.

When you are doing the drills, you need to throw yourself into them to get the most out of them.

Two simple ones to try are Broncos and Malcolms.

Yes, those are the real names of the drills; they are not things I have made up. If you google them, they will come up ha.


Set up four cones.
One cone is the start line.
Next one is 20ms out from the start line.
Next one is 40ms out from the start line.
Next one is 60ms out from the start line.

The object is to run out 20ms then back to the start line, then 40m out and back, then 60m out and back. That is one rep.

Professional athletes do 6 as quickly as they can. I’d start with 3-4 and build up from there.


Set up three cones, all spaced 10ms apart in a line.

Start on the middle cone on your belly. Run out to one of the cones, drop down onto your belly, turn run to the next cone, drop down onto your belly. Then run to the third cone and drop down onto your belly.

Once you have done this for all the cones, that is one rep. Again the professionals do 6. I’d aim for 4-5 and build from there.

These are not for the faint-hearted, but you can easily and quickly adapt them to your level. Give one a go if you like and if your still not sure how they work let me know and I will explain them more

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