This is one of the biggest barriers people face without even knowing it. 

For a lot of people, health and fitness come down to prioritises. 

Without them even knowing about it. 

From the outside looking in, they can seem like obsessive people who are unwilling to give up their goal. 

For some people, this is true.

But for others, this is not true. 

They prioritise their health and fitness. 

And know why they want it and what it will give them. 

This is why they succeed; they have less stress and feel great.

Finding the time and not letting obstacles get in the way of your goal comes down to prioritise. 

You find time to watch the latest Netflix episode. 

You manage to justify doing X, Y and Z. 

Yet you think that you do not have time or any other excuse you have made not to make it to the gym or to go on that run.

But yet you will find time for all the other activities you wish and want to do. 


How high on your list are your health and fitness?

If you want to succeed, you need to prioritise it; otherwise, you will always find excuses to avoid doing it!!


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