Progressive Overload

A form of a progressive overload is key for success in the gym. 


Progressive overload is a strength-training method that advocates for the gradual increase of the stress placed upon the musculoskeletal and nervous system. 


Although progressive overload is usually used in strength training, the same idea can be applied to any exercise, including cardiovascular endurance exercise like running. 


Progressive overload can come in the form of either increased weight, reps, sets or distance run. 


To keep progress moving forward, progressive overload needs to be applied and implemented in your training programme. 


Progressing weight, distance run etc. it can sometimes be tricky to achieve, but this is not the only way to achieve progressive overload. 


There are several methods which you can apply to help you achieve progressive overload. 


Tempo – The speed at which you can perform the movement.

Pause – Pause at the boom of the movement for several seconds. 

Reps – Increasing the reps at a lower weight.

Sets –  Increasing the sets at the same weight or slightly fewer

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