This macronutrient is definitely Mr Popular! Hasn’t got anywhere near as bullied like his classmates Fats and Carbs.
First of all let’s start off with an interesting fact about Protein. It is a ancient Greek word which means ‘The most important one’. Which majority of the research people agree on.

Now the reason we want to include protein within our diet is because it is used to build, maintain skeletal muscle (Moves the body), synthesise enzymes needed in various cellular actions. To build white cells used within your immune system and a ton of other things.

As you can see protein is so important to include within your diet!

Not only does it do the above it also plays a key role in other aspects such as;

1. Calorie for Calorie it reduces the hunger the most.
2. Provides a ton of important micronutrients. Such as Iron.
3. Reduces cravings for other foods.
4. Your body burns slightly more calories when it is processing, breaking down, storing the energy and subtracting what it needs from protein than compared to Fat and Carbs.
5. Protein can be used to make glucose if needed.

Majority of food contains some amount of protein. However we want to be making sure we get high quality types of protein into our body. Which are; Meat, Fish, Poultry, Dairy, Eggs, Offal, Tofu, Some meat substitutes and some protein powders.

You should be looking to include a good wholesome protein source at every single meal. From breakfast to dinner. It will keep you fuller, aid the body with recovery and is more satisfying.  
Aim to keep the protein source as lean as possible!

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