For some people, calorie counting can seem far too daunting of a task.

Before I carry on, calorie counting is one of the best routes to take on your weight loss journey.
It holds you accountable, provides a break down of what calories you can have left.

Not only this it also starts to educate you on what is in food, but you can also start to eyeball how many calories are in this and what is the best option for you to have.

But if you’re disapplied you can use portion control to your advantage.

For this to work you have to become very disapplied and apply yourself to your task at hand and your goal.

By reducing your portions, at meal times and snacks you start to naturally reduce your calorie intake thus creating a calorie deficit which in turn leads to weight loss.

This is a very simple approach however in practice can be very hard as you might end up snacking without realising. Or eating foods which are very high in calories which impact your target of eating less.

A simple way to reduce portion sizes:
Use a small plate.
Have low-calorie snacks in the house.
Reduce the amount of milk you use across the day.
If you eat a lot of rice, half it and add more veg to your plate.
Bulk your meals with lots of veg.
Aim to half any high-calorie foods such as avocado.

If you’re disapplied you can succeed at this!!

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