I was having a chat with someone the other day, and they were saying that progress was slow, but they were making progress.

It is a common theme with a vast majority of people, they are making progress, but the progress is not quick enough for certain people. We all become an inpatient at some point in our lives, and we become frustrated at the process.

But we have to remember and remind ourselves that progress is still happening. Progress can come in several different ways not just the weight on the scale;
– Inches.
– Clothing Sizes.
– Stronger.
– Feeling more energized.
– Daily tasks feel easier – walking upstairs.

These are different ways you can monitor your progress.

A way of monitoring this is journal writing. Document the progress you have made, by writing it down, you can look back on it when you are feeling down and remind yourself of the progress you have made. This is something I use to do for my batting in cricket. I would document what shots I made, what shots I wanted to improve etc. It kept my motivation and focus high and clear – It kept my eyes on the prize as it were.

When you’re aiming to make progress, you need to make sure you are aiming for consistency. Consistency is key.

During this conversation, an allegory I used which worked well for them was learning to play a musical instrument…

A simple question I asked was, what is the key to learning to play a musical instrument?
The reply was practice and daily consistency.

I then asked something along the lines of, how long does it take to get to grade 5?
The reply was a while.

Next question, what is one of the keys to getting to grade 5?
The reply was consistency and daily practice.

Okay, so you know it takes a while to get good and effective at playing a musical instrument. So why would making good ample progress with your fitness journey any different?

You have to always look at the big picture. You’re making progress, even if you cannot see it on the scale. Look to see improvement in many different areas – like the ones I have listed above.

I love using allegories when training and coaching clients. I think they are fantastic at relaying points across and relating them to the client. When you are next feeling down about your progress relate it to a subject which you are awesome at this could;
A sport – how long did it take you to learn to kick a ball off your left foot?
Learning a language – How did you learn to say Hi, how are you in a different language?
How did you learn to walk – trail and error and a lot of persistence

Relate it to something to remind you the journey can be long but then remember to look at progress in multi factors, not just one factor. Look at the big picture.

If you only take 1,2 or 3 things from this waffle let it be these;
– Look at the big picture.
– Look at multi factors, not just one.
– Relate it to something else – use allegories.

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