Resistance training is simply when you’re working against a form of resistance, this can come in the form of holding a dumbbell when you are doing a squat.


However, I’m sure you’re familiar with classic weightlifting, but this is not the only style of Resistance Training. Resistance can come in the form of:

  • Kettlebells
  • Resistance Bands
  • Medicine Balls
  • ViPRS
  • TRX
  • Body Weight
  • Parallette Bars


These are just are the main types of resistance training kit which I use with my clients. But these are not all the types of resistance you can use. You can use sand, water, plate/ pin loaded machines, I don’t use these as I don’t have space in my studio or my car. Not sure I can justify buying a swimming pool for work…


By doing resistance training it will not give you massive muscles or make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger! I can wholeheartedly promise you that!


The benefits of Resistance Training are awesome! So, so important. Not just physically but mentally as well!


The Benefits:



  • Promotes Fat-Free Tissue. By applying a form of resistance you are developing your current muscle mass and increasing your current muscle mass. The reasoning this is important is because muscle mass is metabolically active, by having more muscle you burn more calories which equates to fat loss!


Disclaimer: Muscle Mass does not mean you will be massive! Muscle mass just means any muscle which your body is carrying, it is the total muscle you have.


  • Increases Bone Density. Increases the strength and quality of your bones. Therefore making it harder to break them.
  • Improves Your Confidence. It will create a greater confidence in yourself to carry out certain tasks (Carrying heavy objects, taking the stairs instead of the lift and increase your confidence in certain situations such as any confrontations you could face.
  • Increases Quality of Life/Aid you in day to day life. As above, increases confidence. The more muscle mass you have will allow you to perform better in your normal life. Be able to climb a large flight of stairs, carry the shopping with ease, run around with any young family members.
  • Helps Weight Management. Increases your overall muscle mass which is more metabolically active therefore burns more calories. It will naturally increase your confidence in your ability to carry out certain tasks, therefore, increasing your daily activity which increases your daily calorie burn.
  • Improves your mood. The release of the ‘happy’ hormone dopamine instantly improves your mood. I’m sure we have all been there!
  • Reduce stress levels. By performing any exercise you will reduce your mental stresses and let you feel more relaxed.
  • Helps your mental health. The release of Dopamine creates a sense of peace and happiness. But not only does this last just after exercise it will help you day to day as well. It will also increase your confidence levels, reduce stress levels.



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