I’m sure we have all heard of a Yo-Yo dieter. 


It is someone who bounces from diet to diet. They may achieve some results, but these results do not last. 


The reason for this? 

  • Haven’t developed any sustainable habits
  • It leads to an unhappy lifestyle. 


There are other reasons as well, but i feel these are the two of the biggest factors. 


When you enter a weight loss phase or a period of time when you are training for a specific goal, you need to develop new sustainable habits. 


These habits can be along the line of snack swaps, a new enjoyable training routine, drinking more water. 


These habits need to be something you enjoy doing. 

These new habits need to be something which is optimally going to help you achieve this goal and keep this goal. 


And optimally this new lifestyle you are creating needs to be something you enjoy. You need to create a lifestyle that will help you achieve your goal, keep the goal and lead to happiness. 

When you create your new ‘diet’ and ‘training’ plan, it needs to create good healthy and sustainable habits which then need into a ‘happy’ lifestyle.

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