The rule of 4. 

Sounds like some teenage superhero type book, right? But it’s no, and it’s a simple little mindset thing that could help you in the long run. 

Often people say motivation is everything. Motivation is overrated, and habits and trusting the process are far more important than motivation. 

So how can the rule of 4 help you?

The rule of 4 is how you can approach certain things in life. Often we don’t feel like going to the gym, but sometimes that’s laziness rather than anything else. Yet if we follow the rule of 4, we will turn up a lot more than not. 

So the rule of 4 goes like this;

You can apply this rule to a number of things.

Such as a podcast, listen to 4 minutes or so, and if you are not interested, then leave. 

Use the rule of 4 to your advantage.

Often it is not motivation we are lacking. It’s habits.

Often when we don’t want to go to the gym, it’s laziness rather than a lack of motivation. 

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