How many times have you weighed yourself and it has said you have either gained weight or not lost any weight?


First question after you have stepped off the scales and it has given you a awful answer.

That question is: Do your clothes feel looser? Do you feel better?


Answer is Yes;

Focus on that, it is positive and clearly means you are losing fat and moving in the right direction!



You can have two people who weigh the same, let’s say 60kg. One can be slight and lean and one can be overweight, but both roughly the same height.

The lighter one has less body fat and more muscle mass (These are the key points).

Fat and muscle both weigh the same, but muscle is denser so therefore takes up less room within the body (Hence where the myth comes from that muscle weighs twice as much as fat). And this is why you weigh the same, you have lost fatty tissue but gained a fair bit of muscle mass, which is far more important. Muscle mass means you will burn more fat, as muscle is metabolically active and is far healthier than fat and will help you in years to come!


Answer is No;

Don’t let yourself go into a negative space. Use this answer as a springboard, go into a reaction state of mind. However, that doesn’t mean you make wholesale changes, as you wont stick to it or enjoy it. It will create a Yo-Yo cycle.

First thing is to reflect on the past few weeks and see what has happened. Have you gone away? Has there been lots of social events? Go through all these things. Come to peace with what has happened and move on.

Now you have done this, map out a plan. Do things which will increase your NEAT (Previous email), reduce your meal sizes slightly, if you have time add in an extra 30-45 minute hard gym session.


The key points within this is don’t get hung up on the negative that your weight had not changed and don’t forget to focus or think about the fact that your clothes felt looser and feel better. If your weight has gone up don’t go making massive changes, reflect on the past few weeks and make plans.

Small steps will make massive changes.

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