Training at home.

You don’t need lots of kit to get a great workout at home. If you have some amazing kit! Use it wisely.

If you don’t have any kit, you only need your body weight and with some thought with sets, reps, pauses, rest periods you can get an awesome workout in.

Use these techniques and methods to get an awesome workout in.

Holds/pauses: This would be great for something such as squats which you find too easy at bodyweight. At the bottom of the rep hold it for around 3-5 seconds. This will make it a lot harder. It could work for press-ups, lunges, split squats etc.

AMRAP. As many rounds as possible. This is where you put 3 + exercises back to back and you perform as many rounds of the circuit as you can in a set time period (10,15,20 minutes etc).
Get creative, use objects around the house. For example, you could use a chair for incline/decline press-ups, box squats and dips.

Tempo. This is where you perform the exercise to a tempo. Such as performing squats to 3,1,3,1. So it would be 3 seconds down, pause for 1 second and then up for 3 seconds then hold for 1 second and repeat for the desired number of reps.

Play games with the kids. You incorporate exercises easily into a game.
For example, one I use with kids I coach is; In a high plank you place a cone in the middle of all of you so you are facing the cone. Then you need someone not playing to say ‘cone’ then you grab the cone as quick as you can. If that doesn’t make sense then please ask away.

If you would like any further ideas then please ask away!

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