We hear it all the time, don’t we? Is your weekend binges killing your progress?


However, I’m sure we are all the same and think that binge wasn’t that bad and its just a one-off and we will get back on the bandwagon tomorrow. Yet do we always get back on the bandwagon? Sometimes we do, but not always. Or we fall back off it fairly quickly again.


Now there could be a number of reasons why you fell of the bandwagon and I’m not going to get into them.


What I want to go over is how and why these weekend binges could be killing your progress.


So if your goal is to lose weight, we need to make sure we are staying in a calorie deficit (eating less than our body requires, therefore, burning its fat stores). If we say our calorie limit is 2,500 if we times that by 7 to give us our weekly calorie limit that would be 17,500. The reason for this is it makes the task of staying in a calorie deficit easier to manage if we have social occasions.


Now we have our weekly calorie deficit number we can go into how these weekend binges can be harmful. If Monday to Thursday you are eating 2,500 but then Friday to Sunday you have eaten 3,000. Suddenly you have consumed 19,000 calories in a week! Which means you have been in either a calorie maintenance number or a surplus number which means you have either stayed the same or gained weight.


Whereas if you know you like to have a couple of cheeky pints on Friday night and then have a social event on Saturday night and know you will be massively hungover on Sunday and know you will eat everything in sight. It would be advisable to manage your weekly calories similar to this; Monday eat 2,500, Tuesday to Thursday eat 2,000 then Friday to Sunday eat 3,000 calories which would equal 17,500. This is not advisable to do all the time but if you know you have a week ahead which could get like this, I would go for this option.


Ideally keep your calories fairly similar every day as this is a more enjoyable way to live.


I have attached some images which will help visual how to manage weekly calories.


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