4 Common Weight Loss Myths!!

MYTH: Successfully losing fat means you will and should be losing muscle mass.

FACT: It is possible to gain a muscle mass while in a calorie deficit.

If you eat the required amount of protein for your body and have a good weight training routine you will gain muscle.

MYTH: You have to go on a really strict and horrible diet.

FACT: Fad diets only work because they typically cut out whole food groups or really restrict your eating habits, which leads to great weight loss for a short period of time and then leaves you miserable and then going back to your old eating habits and putting that weight back on.

Create a small calorie deficit and tweak it once the weight loss has stalled.

MYTH: To lose fat with weight training, you must use
high-reps with light weights.

FACT: This will work because it helps create a calorie deficit and helps create muscle mass. However, you will have greater success using compound lifts using a heavyweight and training at a high intensity.

MYTH: You need to take fat-burning pills to maximize fat loss.

FACT: How on earth is a pill going to burn fat? Calorie deficit and increasing your daily activity along with a strong training regime will be your best bet.

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