A lot of people have asked me lately what I specialize in. Every personal trainer gives the generic answer of; fat loss, increasing muscle mass etc. It’s just industry standard speak.


Majority of trainers all do fat loss and increase muscle mass. It should and is our bread and butter. It’s like every cake maker should be able to make a Victoria Sponge cake. It’s just standard.


However, we all take a different approach.  A lot of trainers will take a hard line and absolutely beast you in the gym to the point where you can’t move for a few days.


For me, this is counterproductive, as this is unenjoyable for you and means you move less for the next few days. Therefore means that you burn fewer calories across the week which is more important if you want to lose weight. I want you burning more calories across the week. More calories burnt means increase chances of you succeeding on your weight loss journey.


So a more important question is what is my approach and ‘specalitiy’?


I take a personal approach and get to know you as a person so I can help you more. If I know more about you and your life then I can help you make more adjustments where needed.


I would like to say I specialize in Strength and Conditioning. Teaching you how to train properly with weights and using different forms of cardio to help you reach your goal.


My end goal has to be that you can step foot in a gym and know exactly what you’re doing and know how to get a great workout in.

Not only this I want you to be able to make adjustments in your life to co-inside with your goal so you never need a personal trainer again. You know exactly how to achieve fat loss again if you want to lose a bit of weight etc.


If you want to know about me or my training approaches/specialities then book in for a free consultation, come and have a chat with me. Or call me.

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