Hiring a Personal Trainer/Coach can seem like a big expense and a lot of money compared to a standard gym membership. 


However, you cannot compare a gym membership to a personal trainer/coach expense.  


With a gym membership typically you only get classes, potentially a rushed generic program which the member of staff doesn’t really care about in the slightest. I will add that some gym staff will care about that program they have written but a lot won’t care. 

You may also get a bit of guidance but typically you won’t. 


Whereas when you sign up to a personal trainer they will/should offer a consultation where you sit down with them and discuss what you want to achieve, your previous experiences and your current situation. 


Everything should be carted to your needs and wants. The future sessions should be geared towards your current level and be aligned with your goals. 


Such as if you are after losing weight and have a dodgy left knee which needs replacing and they have you doing squat jumps which are going to cause you to be in pain. 


When you hire a coach they will take you through a proper specific program. 

They will:

  • Watch your form and correct it when needed. 
  • Correct any breathing patterns when you’re doing the exercises. 
  • Discuss any barriers your facing in your life.
  • Offer advice on how to get one step closer to your goal.
  • Keep you on track.
  • Discuss any nutritional questions you have. 
  • Make sure you turn up and don’t waste time in the gym.
  • Education. 
  • Countability.


These are just a few of the points the future trainer/coach could and will be doing in the sessions.


As you can see your paying for a tailored experience which will have you progressing faster towards your goal!

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