I was having a chat with a friend the other day about training. He is a keen follower of putting the deadlift into a back day session, a very common theme. 

However, I believe that a deadlift should be carried out as a separate training session. So, your training program would look like this;

Monday – Lower (legs)

Tuesday – Pull (back)

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Deadlifts

Friday – Push (chest)

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Active Recovery 

Yes, it could result in an extra training day. But the training balance becomes far superior.

Why do I believe that deadlifts should be a separate training session? 

Time. Sessions take longer. 

To perform deadlifts properly, you have to spend a fair amount of time on the warm-up, which can take almost 20 + minutes. Therefore, by the time you get onto your working sets and variations, you could have added an hour to your training sessions. 

Taxing on the body. 

Deadlifts are tough, and they can be really exhausting on the body. By the time you get onto your variations, you could have done 10/15+ sets of deadlifts. Therefore, by the end of the training session, which includes deadlifts and pulling based exercises (back exercises), you could have done 30+ sets which are incredibly taxing and fatiguing on the body. By following this style of session, you could be leading yourself to injury and damaging the rest of your training as you will not be able to put as much effort into the other training sessions. 

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